Where Do I Even Start?

So, you’ve decided you need email marketing to help you drive sales, but you find yourself asking the question: where do I even start?

Here, we’ve given you a checklist you can follow to help you get started with email marketing.

  1. Select your tools – you need an Email Marketing Platform that works with the number of users you have, the number of emails you want to send per month and how many contacts you want to send them to.
  2. Set your goals – what do you want the campaign to achieve? 
  3. Import your contacts.
  4. Decide whether they have any characteristics you’d like to tag them with so you can target your emails more specifically. 
  5. Create your email template appropriate to the message you’re sending.
  6. Set up a ‘welcome’ email, the initial touch point for people starting their journey with you.
  7. Write two or more versions of your campaign for split testing. This will allow you to measure which message is reaching more of your audience.
  8. Measure, analyse, refine!
  9. Remove ‘dead’ email addresses to preserve the reputation of your domain. 
  10. Refine and send again.
  11. Measure, analyse, and refine!

So, if you’re thinking ‘where do I even start’, this should help you get going. Obviously, email marketing has many facets to it – that’s why there are experts around like us who ONLY work in email marketing – it’s our chosen specialist subject and we love it!

If you would like expert help in setting up and running your campaign to ensure you’re getting the best out of it quickly, Email-Postman is here to help.