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We can create a bespoke Klaviyo template from just £349+vat

Maximise your email marketing campaign with a Klaviyo template designed just for you!

When starting an email marketing campaign, a key element to its success is having the right template that will allow the right mix of information and calls to action. You need a mix that will draw customers in to read more, discover more, and click on your CTAs. This is vital to e-commerce organisations where email marketing plays a vital part in winning business, building brand loyalty and reputation, enticing new customers, and driving sales ever higher.

To maximise this, it’s essential to have a working template that encourages those interactions. We can can build your next email campaign as well as manage your email marketing, taking out the stress of building and sending campaigns!

Getting started is easy: you send us the brief outlining what the campaign is for, and we build the Klaviyo template for you. This can then be used time and again for future campaigns. We will send the template to you for approval, make any amendments you require, and send the email.

In addition, 7 days later we will send you a full report on its performance with open, click, bounce, and unsubscribe rates. We will even give our analysis on the campaign so we can learn what works best for future emails.

Klaviyo offers a range of templates which we can customise to suit whatever type of campaign you want to send, whether it’s a one-off special offer, a seasonal campaign or a regular newsletter. We will design the template to include dynamic content based on your customers’ browsing activity and preferences making it more personalised, targeted and therefore more effective. This type of content could include: 

  • Recently viewed products
  • Purchase history
  • New products
  • Abandoned basket

We will ensure you’re building a customer profile so you can segment your audience, and tag them appropriately, so future campaigns will contain content personalised to them. The more date you have, the more effective your email marketing can be. 

To start building ever-more effective email marketing campaigns, complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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