Master Custom Template
We can build you a master email template that is mobile responsive, custom branded and very easy to use.

Many clients of Email-Postman are using these templates to build campaigns and automations efficiently and more flexibility in design.

All that we require is, your preferred font family name, e.g Arial, and link to your website. And we do the rest!

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Mailchimp Campaign Dashboard Reporting

Reporting in Mailchimp is good, but are you looking over a longer period of time, with graphs and analyse increases or monitoring decreases in your KPIs?

What are your averages?

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Mailchimp Zoom Workshop

We can help you and your team understanding Mailchimp for day to day use of this amazing channel.

All training workshop are recorded as a training resources internally and when new members join the team, they can get up to scratch and learn email marketing easily.

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World first directly integrated email heatmap tool for your email campaigns.

See within seconds which links are hot, and which are not.

No credit card needed, a demo your latest campaign for free!

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