DotDigital Audit

DotDigital Audit

DotDigital is a popular email marketing platform that makes it relatively easy to get started with sending newsletters and email campaigns. However, how can you be sure they’re actually working? Perhaps you’re seeing some results with a bit of an uptick in sales, but not as big an uptick as you would like.

  • Is there something you could be doing better?
  • Is there something you’re missing that is impacting the results?
  • Are you missing some tricks?
  • How technical are you? Have you set the basic infrastructure up correctly? 

Making sure the basics are set up correctly is a key factor in the success of every email marketing campaign you send. If the DNS records, reply and response addresses and the IP address aren’t configured correctly, your emails will be treated as spam and the reputation of your email will be destroyed. It’s very hard to clean up an email reputation once it’s been dirtied, so it’s crucial to get this part right. Then there’s content, templates, mobile-friendly optimisation, A/B testing, and so much more.

Email marketing campaigns are made up of layers. At each stage, that layer needs to be right to maximise your return on investment. 

Email-Postman will conduct a thorough review of your email marketing processes to make sure you’re optimising each stage to maximise your return on investment. 

During the audit we’ll look at each part of your email marketing campaign including:

  • Strategy – do you have one?
  • Send lists 
  • Automations/workflows
  • Content – is it working?
  • Send times – do they make a difference?
  • Data quality – time for a cleanse?
  • Segmentation
  • Subject lines – do you split test?
  • Email design & copy
  • Email marketing platform infrastructure set up
Let us find those areas where you can improve so you can get more emails delivered to your target audience and drive your success rate through the roof!
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