Klaviyo Audit

Klaviyo audit

Klaviyo is a great email marketing tool, as you know – you’ve been using it a while now. But, are you getting the most from your campaigns? When was the last time you conducted an audit of Klaviyo, from the ground up?

  • Is the infrastructure set up properly with DNS and DKIM records correct?
  • Is your data list segmented and tagged correctly?
  • Have you completed a data cleanse to get rid of hard bounce email addresses?
  • What kind of results are you getting? What’s your most popular CTA?
  • Are you following a campaign strategy and if so, does it follow a logical progression?
  • How do you pick subject lines and which ones are working best for you?

This is what an audit is all about!


There are so many factors that go into making an email marketing campaign successful and unless all those factors are working together, your campaign will never be delivering optimal results. And who wants mediocre results when you can have great results!

You have to get right down to basics: are the DNS records, reply and response addresses correct and valid, and do you have a dedicated IP address? If the answer to these questions is ‘no’, you’re risking your email reputation. Servers will consider your emails spam and block them or send them to ‘junk’ – and that means your emails are not getting to your audience. What a waste! And it’s hard to clean up your email reputation once it’s been dirtied.  

Email-Postman is a Klaviyo Master Silver Partner which means we know this email marketing platform like the back of our hands! It means we’re ideally placed to conduct a thorough audit of how you’re using Klaviyo, how it’s set up, and whether there’s anything that you could be doing better to get even better results. 

During the audit we’ll look at each part of your email marketing campaign including:

  • Strategy
  • Send lists
  • Workflow & processes
  • Content
  • Send times
  • Data quality
  • Segmentation
  • Subject lines
  • Email template design & wording
  • Email marketing platform infrastructure set up
…… and more! We’ll be looking for any areas that flag up problems or opportunities for improvement so you can improve the success of your campaigns and drive those all-important sales!
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