Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

Email-Postman provides the full complement of email marketing services.

Email Marketing is about more than simply sending an email out to a few people. To be at its most effective, you need to know how relevant your data lists are, understand the audience you’re communicating with so you can grow it, and understand which parts of your offering are most interesting to particular individuals. 

Email-Postman’s email marketing services include auditing, putting together a strategy, ensuring your data is segmented appropriately, templates and automation are in place, as well as comprehensive reporting on the outcome of each campaign.

Our email marketing services include all these aspects. Putting these in place ensures you get the most out of this highly effective communication medium.

Email Audit

How well is your email strategy working?
We'll conduct an audit to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and eliminate any gremlins to improve your hit rate.

Email Marketing Strategy

Have you set your email marketing goals? We'll evaluate your strategy to make sure you campaigns are hitting the right note with the right audience at the right time.

Grow Your Audience

Tired of being the world's best kept secret? Email marketing is the most effective method of reaching new audiences, capturing their attention and keeping them engaged.

Email Automation

Are you making work for yourself? Why not set up emails that will be automatically sent when your subscribers complete an action - without you having to lift a finger!

Data Segmentation

Using a scatter-gun approach to emails? With segmentation, you can categorise subscribers based on pre-set criteria so you can target them with messages or offers specific to them.

Campaign Reporting

Are you using hard data to measure success? Measuring key factors such as open rates, bounce rates, and those important conversion rates is essential for your next campaign!