Replenishment Email Automation

Customers buy – great! Then they run out of what they bought. Remind them where they got it from by setting up timely reminders with replenishment email automations!

Nothing lasts forever, as the saying goes, and some things last less than others! If your company deals in consumable products, you need to keep track of when they bought it so you can take an educated guess at when they may need to order more – and then send them a reminder email!

Let’s say your business is selling health supplements, or perhaps you sell subscription services and they’re about to expire – build an automation series that reminds them of:

  • what they bought
  • where they bought it from
  • how they can easily renew / buy it again from you

Whether they bought shampoo or a subscription to your video content, you should have a record of when they’re likely to need to stock up or when they need to renew. Build an automation around those metrics so you can capture the repeat sales. 

Furthermore, existing customers have been shown to spend significantly more than new customers, so replenishment email automations are a great way to including cross-sell and upsell ideas that your customer might be interested in. Perhaps they only bought the aftershave this time: when they order again, they might also want shaving balm, or a body wash. 

Replenishment emails give you the opportunity to continue to build customer loyalty. Automating the process makes it easy for you. If you need some help with building that automation and constructing the emails, Email-Postman is here to help.