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Fully Mailchimp certified

Mailchimp has been a popular Email Marketing Platform for many years and its functionality has grown with its popularity. It now offers an all-in-one, integrated marketing platform where you can get a custom domain, build a website with built-in marketing tools for running email marketing campaigns, build ads for social media, create landing pages for specific campaigns, and so much more. 

Email-Postman is an Official Mailchimp Certified Email Partner. What that means is we’ve spent time getting to know this platform inside and out to ensure you get email marketing campaigns that deliver.

We understand how Mailchimp works, so we can link your email marketing efforts and run them sympathetically with other marketing channels you are using, such as social media. With over 250 app integrations including Adobe Photoshop, Stripe, Calendy, WooCommerce, Eventbrite, Freshbooks and WordPress, we can make sure Mailchimp is running neatly alongside your scheduling diary, payment system, accounts package, e-commerce site, and more! This means you can track and measure the full life cycle of your customer. Versatile doesn’t begin to cover the true breadth of flexibility Mailchimp offers. 

As a Mailchimp expert, Email-Postman is able to create a template that compliments the campaign you’re looking to implement, to ensuring calls to action (CTAs) are in place and prominently displayed, we will design an email template tailored to your brand and reflective of your tone, culture, ethos and messaging. 

Mailchimp has many useful features that will increase your email marketing hit rates. 

Mailchimp Sevices

Account creation and setup

Mobile responsive template

List and segmentation

Reporting and KPIs

Automation and triggers

Dynamic content


Workshop training

What is Segmentation?

Segmentation is a way of categorising your audience according to shared features, traits or behaviours. Using this tool, you can be sure you’re targeting your audience with the right message and not sending emails to those for whom they have no relevance. Using tags and custom fields, it is possible to tailor your audience map and Mailchimp’s predictive insights will give you a heads up on their likely purchasing behaviour. By targeting your campaigns, you’ll reduce the number of unsubscribes, thereby retaining your audience.

What is Automation? 

Automation means you can set your campaign up, populate a series of emails and then let the campaign run. The customer triggers each next step either by the data they’ve given you (i.e. it’s their birthday) or by interacting with the campaign: clicking to read more, clicking the Call-to-Action button, etc. This means you don’t have to manage each send manually – Mailchimp does it for you.

What is personalisation?

Personalisation means you can send the right message to the right people at the right time, reducing unsubscribes and improving your conversion rate. By making each customer feel you’re talking to them personally with an offer that feels like it’s been designed specifically for them, you’ll build loyalty and increase customer retention.

Mailchimp has many other handy features which will help you keep an handle on your sales and marketing activities on a daily basis, not only when you’re running a campaign.

The Customer Resource Manager (CRM) tool gives valuable insights into your audience – and the better you know your audience, the better we can create effective campaigns that speak directly to your target market. It also has other cool features such as pre-built segmentation and demographic predictor, so your campaign can be tailored and personalised, right from the start.

With Email-Postman, you can be sure all the tools Mailchimp offers will be put to full and good use, so you can understand your audience and get them engaging consistently with your brand.


Email-Postman is proud to announce a world first in direct integrated email heatmaps. For the first time you can directly connect and build email heatmaps from your email campaigns you’ve sent from Mailchimp.

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