SendinBlue Audit

SendInBlue audit

Is it time for an audit of your SendinBlue platform?

How long have you been sending out email marketing campaigns? When was the last time you conducted a thorough review of how you’re using SendinBlue? It’s an intuitive and smart email marketing platform, popular with growing businesses, but the tool alone is not enough for success.

When was the last time you stopped to consider the strategy you’re using for content and the processes you’re following to make sure everything is set up optimally? When was the last time you analysed results? How do you pick your subject lines? Have you tried sending emails at different times of day or on different days of the week to determine which work best for you? Have you ever wondered if you could be doing anything differently to improve your hit rate, delivery rates, click-through rates, and ultimately, drive more sales?

If you’ve not considered these questions or don’t have answers to them, then you need an email marketing audit!

Because we’re email marketing specialists, we can help make sure you’ve got each part of the process set up properly and optimised for maximum return on investment. Email-Postman will conduct a thorough review, from infrastructure set up to strategy, to ensure you’re optimising each factor so critical to the success of email marketing campaigns. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get a SendinBlue audit and drive those sales!

During the audit we’ll look at each part of your email marketing campaign including:

  • Strategy
  • Send lists
  • Automations
  • Content
  • Send times
  • Data quality
  • Segmentation
  • Subject lines
  • Email design & copy
  • Platform infrastructure configuration
…… and so much more! We’ll be looking for those opportunities where you can improve your hit rate and drive sales!
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