Email Automation

Newsletters and one-off emails have their place, but a successful campaign will keep rolling, triggered by the actions of the customer within each email. Email automation keeps the chain rolling – automatically – so you don’t have to do it manually!

Email campaigns are made up of multiple emails taking the customer on a specific journey with a specific goal in mind – purchase! Potential customers will start their journey at different times. You want all of them to have the same great experience getting to know your brand and your offerings so they all need to start at the beginning of the journey.

Creating an email each time someone signs up to an account isn’t practical – people all over the world could be signing up at any time of the day or night and in their thousands! So, you need an automated sequence of emails.


Each email is triggered by the customer opening the previous email or clicking on a call to action within that email. You put the work in first to create the email automation and let the sequence flow at the customer’s demand. 

Email automation and workflows

Inaction can also trigger an action. You can add in reminder emails to the sequence, so a lack of action could prompt a follow up email a few days later to remind the customer they haven’t engaged with that email yet. It’s a great way to remind customer’s you’re there and to make them feel valued.

Automation is an essential part of email marketing, particularly in today’s global, 24/7 culture. With Email-Postman, you can be sure your sequence is set up seamlessly to make sure each customer receives the same great experience.