Mailchimp Template

When creating an email campaign, you first need a suitable template. Mailchimp has a comprehensive selection of templates to choose from with a large number of themes to choose from, so we can match a suitable template with a background that reinforces your sector.

First, we’ll select the template appropriate to the purpose of the campaign. This could be:

  • Announcements – do you have a big announcement to make, like winning an award, launching a new product or service, or inviting people to take part in an event
  • Product / Service features – showcasing the variety you provide
  • Share a story – what you’ve been up to recently, keeping people up-to-date, as in a newsletter
  • Follow-up to a previous email to remind people of the contents and encourage them again to engage with it
  • Educate – teach people about a particular product, product range or services you provide, or an informational piece on something related to your industry that your audience would be interested in

Mailchimp’s ‘drag and drop‘ functionality allows us to customise your template to exactly suit your requirements, so we can make it look just as you want it to. Then, we agree the theme suitable for your sector.

Mailchimp has a number of integrations that can be incorporated, such as Eventbrite and SurveyMonkey, bringing additional functionality to your email. Mailchimp is even flexible enough to allow us to add customised code if you need your email to incorporate something special.

As with all email campaigns, they have to work across a variety of devices. This is especially important as, as of 2020, 46% of emails were opened on mobile devices! 35% of professionals check their email on a mobile device. Mailchimp templates are designed to automatically resize themselves so your campaign looks good on desktop, smartphone and tablets. 

With the flexibility Mailchimp offers, we can guarantee an email template to suit every type of campaign you want to run and with a virtually limitless way to express your brand so you can capture more of your audience’s attention.