Checkout Abandonment Email Automation

They’ve got all the way to checkout – don’t let them get away!

So near and yet – no banana! Your customer has been browsing, they’ve liked what they’ve seen, they’ve added them to their cart and proceeded to the checkout section. And then…. they’ve gone.

There can be lots of reasons customers pull back at the last minute without completing a purchase: 

  • they may want more time to think about it
  • they may want to see if they can find the same thing at a lower price elsewhere (horror!)
  • they might have got distracted (baby cries, telephone rings)
  • they don’t like the checkout process
  • internet crashes

… and so many more…

There’s not much you can do about them leaving but getting them to come back and complete you do have the chance to influence by setting up an automated sequence for reminding them what they wanted and enticing them back to buy – with a checkout abandonment automation.

Put simply, when someone crashes out of the checkout process, the action should trigger a sequence of emails that aim to:

  • remind the customer what was in their cart
  • invite them to complete their purchase
  • show them alternative products in case what they were looking at wasn’t quite right
  • may contain an offer or discount, some kind of incentive to encourage them to finish buying

Does the checkout abandonment automation email sequence work? Well, it has to be written properly and include all the key elements, but – yes, it works! In a report from Klaviyio, a good abandoned checkout sequence can increase sales by up to 15%.

So, if your current turnover could be increased by 15% from setting up just one automation, wouldn’t that be worthwhile? 

We think so too. Need some help? Email-Postman is here to make sure all your campaigns deliver!