Mailchimp Audit

Mailchimp audit

So, you’ve signed up to Mailchimp for your email marketing campaigns and you’ve figured out how to create and send campaigns. It’s a good start. You’ve probably been running campaigns for a while now and seeing some results but now you’re wondering if they are performing as well as they could be. How can you be sure you’re getting the most from Mailchimp? If you’re paying for it, you want to make sure it’s really working for you! 

We often hear these statements and questions from clients:

  • We’ve been using Mailchimp for a while now but we’re not sure how well our campaigns are working.
  • We’ve been getting results but we’re wondering if they could be performing better.
  • We’ve never really had a proper strategy for our emails, we just decide the content week to week.
  • Is there functionality within Mailchimp that we’re not using that could make our campaigns better?
  • We don’t really know what we’re doing with subject lines – they’re so hard to get right!
  • We’ve never done a data cleanse. What’s the point of that? 

If you’ve not considered these factors, or you have but haven’t actioned them, then you need an email audit!


There are many factors that contribute to a successful email marketing campaign. To maximise your return on investment, you need to make sure each factor is in place and every stage of the campaign is optimised. This comes right down to the nuts and bolts: when did you check the emails were set up to get to the right inboxes? This stage includes ensuring DNS records, and reply and response addresses are correct and valid, and that you have a dedicated IP address. If the infrastructure isn’t set up properly, you risk dirtying your email reputation and that will make delivering your emails to inboxes more problematic in the future. 

Email-Postman will conduct a thorough email audit, a comprehensive review of your email marketing processes to guarantee you’re optimising each stage to maximise your return on investment. 

We’re a Mailchimp Certified Pro Partner so we know Mailchimp inside out! During the audit, we’ll look at each part of your email marketing campaign including:

  • Strategy
  • Send lists
  • Automations
  • Content
  • Send times
  • Data quality
  • Segmentation
  • Subject lines
  • Email template design & copy
  • Email marketing infrastructure
…… and so much more! We’ll check to see where any weak spots or problem areas are so you can improve your hit rate and drive sales!
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