Email Marketing Platforms

If you’re getting involved with email marketing, you need a dedicated tool to help you run and optimise your campaign. These platforms allow you to segment your audience so you can be sure you’re sending the right messages to the right people, as well as monitor what’s working and what isn’t.

Email marketing platforms give you far more flexibility and control over your messaging than a sending email platform such as Outlook or Gmail. And sending large volumes of email through them will probably result in your IP reputation being dirtied, which would mean most emails would be rejected as spam – and that can take a lot of work to rectify.


In addition to deliverability and IP reputation issues, free email service providers such as Outlook do not have any automations or analytics functionality. Automation is key to saving you time and money, and without analytics, how are you supposed to know what’s working and what isn’t? Other functionality is limited too; for example, it isn’t possible to hyperlink a call-to-action in the same way and even if you did, you’d have no way of effectively tracking directly how many times that CTA has been clicked. 

Email marketing, when done right, provides a higher return on investment than any other digital marketing channel. With all the benefits a dedicated email marketing platform brings, it makes sense to use a proper one. 

Selecting and setting up an email marketing platform can be a confusing prospect and one many businesses find overwhelming. Email-Postman can help by learning about your business, understanding which integrations you may need, and can make suggestions for you. And if you need the platform set up and/or managed, we can help there too.