Email ROI Calculator

So, if Email Marketing delivers the best return on investment, what sort of return are you looking at for your campaign?

With our calculator, you can find out. Experiment with different numbers to see how the changes impact your conversions and therefore, what your ROI will be.

ROI Calculator


Email Marketing ROI Calculator

Try our email marketing return on investment calculator today and see what returns your email channel is offering.

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Your email marketing ROI: 0%

Here is how you use Email-Postman’s email marketing return on investment calculator:

  1. First, enter the total emails sent, i.e. how many emails you sent that were actually delivered (exclude hard and soft bounces)
  2. Enter average Open rate, Click rate and Conversion rate for this campaigns
  3. Enter your Net conversion value – this is how much on average revenue in profit each conversion makes your business.
  4. Enter the total costs – consider how much it cost running the campaign, CRM systems costs, license fees, outsourcing fees, and time/hourly rates for the internal staff involved in creating the campaign, etc.
  5. Email Marketing ROI will be calculated from these figures. You will be able to see your costs, conversions and profit. If the campaign has run at a loss ( cost more to run than was covered by conversions) the figures will be in red. If you reached break-even or made profit, the figures are displayed in black.

As with all marketing, it is essential to measure your return on investment when running email marketing campaigns. This calculator makes it easy to see the types of figures you need to achieve at each stage for your campaign to be profitable.


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