Mailchimp Workshops

Want to learn more about Mailchimp?

We understand, at the beginning of a small business’s journey, sometimes it’s just not feasible to use an expert to handle an email marketing campaign. Some clients simply want to understand the fundamentals of how Mailchimp works so they have a better appreciation for how a campaign is being handled and how well it is performing.

Our courses can be provided in-house, via Zoom, on an individual basis or to groups of people. We provide a Mailchimp workshops to suit people at every stage of their Mailchimp journey.

Our foundation course is designed to give beginners the confidence to get started with email marketing. On the day, you will:

  • Create and upload your contact list
  • GDPR – what you need to know to stay compliant
  • Using templates, customising them and populating them with content
  • Measuring and interpreting results
  • Tips for improving open rates and click through rates
  • How and why to use tags

You’ll spend the day creating your own email marketing campaign and getting to grips with the process of automation and reporting. 

Our more advances courses will take you through:

  • Understanding more about segmentation and tagging, audiences and groups
  • A deeper dive into the art of split testing
  • An in-depth look at the analytics and reporting functions
  • Adding and managing integrations

The price includes follow up support via telephone or email for the month following the course – just in case you get stuck on something you can’t quite remember how to do!