Lapsed Customer Email Automation

Also known as a win-back or re-engagement campaign, a Lapsed Customer email automation is designed to reconnect with customers who have previously bought from you but who haven’t bought or engaged with your brand recently. Sometimes, people will still be subscribed, but they no longer open your emails. 

There are lots of reasons subscribers disengage from brands:

  • they only needed one of what you’re selling, and the brand story wasn’t compelling enough to keep them engaged subsequently
  • they were unhappy with their purchase, either with the product or with the service they received
  • they didn’t hear from you often enough
  • they heard from you too much

… and so – what can you do about it? Should you roll over, let them go, and set about finding new people?

NO! Instead, try showing you’ve noticed they’ve not been around and that you care about their business!

You don’t need to do this manually: set up an automation workflow triggered after a predetermined amount of time when an existing customer hasn’t taken any action to engage. 

Your re-engagement campaign could include:

  • asking for feedback
  • humour
  • make them an offer they can’t refuse (based on previous purchase history)
  • tell them about new products or services
  • begging

Statistics show customers prefer to buy from brands they know, and they also show it costs more to acquire a new customer than to reactivate an existing one. So, don’t let them get away! Get those lapsed customer email automations set up – or if you need help, ask Email-Postman!