Email Marketing Consultant

What Is An Email Marketing Consultant?

An Email Marketing Consultant is there to provide you with expert help so you can get the maximum return on your email marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking for ways to increase conversions but are having a hard time getting your audience’s attention, we can help.

Email marketing is the most effective and profitable digital marketing method; working in partnership with you, Email-Postman will ensure you get the best out of every campaign.

We understand Email Marketing Platforms so we can ensure you get maximum return on investment (ROI). We deliver the campaign you want so you can concentrate on running the rest of your business.


As with any successful venture, planning is key. Email-Postman will help you define what your goals are from each campaign and then plan the strategy to achieve those goals.


Do you know who your audience is? We can analyse your current client demographic and define your ideal client so you can tailor your message for maximum effect.


By making full use of segmentation and tagging tools, we can make sure each campaign is personalised, optimised, and targeted for your audience.


Measuring the results is essential to maximising your return on investment. It allows you to analyse what's working - and what isn't - to ensure your next campaign delivers greater returns.

As your email marketing expert, Email-Postman is here to take the responsibility of designing and running campaigns off your shoulders. From the technical implementation of the software, to the strategy and planning of campaigns, for a busy marketing department trying to juggle all aspects of promoting the business, Email-Postman can lighten the load – and improve success. 

That’s why we say, Email-Postman – email marketing that delivers. 

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