How To Maximise Your Return On Investment (ROI) For Email

Running an email marketing doesn’t simply mean writing an email, sending it and watching the sales roll in. To be effective, it is more involved than that. To truly maximise your return on investment (ROI), you need to ensure all the campaign cogs are working together. And there are quite a few cogs!

  • Automation – set the flow up so the actions of the customer trigger the next email. This saves you time and helps to drive sales.
  • Segmentation – categorise your customers by relevant criteria, e.g. interests, region, age, etc., to make sure your message is targeted appropriately. There’s no point in sending an offer for cat toys to your dog-owning customers – you’re likely to alienate them and cause them to unsubscribe due to irrelevant content!
  • A/B (split) testing – try out different versions of the same message then measure how each version does so you know which works better and for which audience. Test out different subject lines as well as switching around the content and the call-to-actions
  • Deliverability – make sure your data is current, your DNS records are set up correctly, and your emails are getting delivered 
  • Optimise for mobile – or you’ll miss a huge section of your audience. Almost half of all email is read on mobile devices (smartphones or tablets)
  • Measure your results, see what’s working and refine your next email accordingly!

Of course, this may seem like a short list to follow but if you don’t understand how to set up automation (some of them can get quite long and involved!) or if the idea of segmenting your audience seems overwhelming, get in touch with us. We can either implement this on your behalf or, if you’d rather learn how to do it yourself, we do offer workshops for email marketing catering to people of all levels and abilities.