Email Marketing Tools To Make Your Campaigns More Successful

Email Marketing Tools

People get a lot of emails these days – you can probably relate! So, you need to make sure your emails are really grabbing your audience’s attention, so they see your message before they hit the ‘delete’ button.

There are lots of email marketing tools available to make your emails stand out, and that will help you maximise the success – and gauge that success! Here are our top 10 tools for Email Marketing success!

  • Calendly – when inviting people to book a call, Zoom, or in-person meeting, throw in the link to your Calendly. This app allows you to open up your calendar for times you’re available. Potential clients can use the link to book a convenient time with you, without you having to get directly involved in the process. Saves you time and a lot of going back and forth!
  • SurveyMonkey – want to get information from your audience? Get them involved by asking their opinion or find out what they really want from your business with smart and professional-looking surveys.
  • Email-Heatmaps – don’t spend hours poring over boring rows of figures trying to work out the calls-to-action that worked in your email campaign. Email-Heatmaps lets you see the results easily by showing you the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ links overlayed on your actual email. Mailchimp users can also take advantage of the A/B split test comparison tool (coming soon for other platforms).
  • Email ROI Calculator – not an integration but an easy calculator to use that guides you through a short process to help you determine what your return on investment is on your email marketing campaign.
  • Eventbrite – advertising an event? Whether it’s online or in-person, creating the event on Eventbrite gives you an easy way to track who is coming. Integrating Eventbrite as a call-to-action in your email campaign will give your audience and easy way to sign up – and an easy way for you to track where those signups came from!
  • Elfsight Form Builder – collect email/contact info, and leads, and add forms to your website, Facebook page or as a direct link from within your email campaign.
  • NifyImages – create countdown timers to generate that sense of urgency, display a ‘critical image on campaigns already sent; NiftyImages gives you this plus a whole host of other cool tools such as the ability to build personalised charts for your subscribers!
  • Playable – add video that starts to play automatically the moment the email is opened and immediately grab the attention of your audience!
  • Unbabel – have an international audience? Unbabel translates your campaigns and delivers them in your follower’s native languages, hassle-free!
  • Zapier – the connection tool! Allows you to connect thousands of the best web services to your campaigns!

These are just a few of the tools out there – and there are more being developed all the time. Keeping a handle on what’s available is a time-consuming process. If you don’t have the time, or would like this taken care of, Email-Postman is here to help!

Email-Postman - email marketing that delivers

Email-Postman – email marketing that delivers!



Shaun Reynolds has been specialising in email marketing since 2005 and in February 2019 launched Email-Postman. Since then, Email-Postman has helped over 90 clients build successful email marketing campaigns across a range of email marketing platforms. For further information or to discuss getting help with your email marketing, you can arrange a free call-back today by clicking here!