Changing Email Marketing Platforms?

Email marketing platform migration

Many companies, from micro-businesses through to blue chip corporations have long since appreciated the effectiveness of email marketing. At some point, they’ve probably all changed the platform they use to send their email campaigns. So, if you’ve reached that point, you’re not alone!

There can be many reasons to change platforms – perhaps you’re frustrated by the lack of support on offer when there’s a technical problem. Perhaps the dashboard is confusing, or the platform is over-complicated for your requirements with more features than you use, need, or want. It could be you’ve added subscribers and are about to tip over into a new pricing category and there’s a more cost-effective solution out there for you.


Checklist for email marketing platform migrationWhatever your reason, there are a number of things you need to be aware of before you begin your email marketing platform migration so you can minimise the impact of the change. Because, migrating email marketing platforms will mean initially, your success rate is going to take a bit of a hit. That’s all to do with your sending reputation. These steps are the same regardless of which email marketing platform you’re migrating from or which you’re migrating to.


Before you do anything, identify and tag your most engaged subscribers, because you’re going to want to send to them first from your new email marketing platform. This will help your sending reputation. Also, from your current platform, send an email to your non-active audience and tell them you’re about to unsubscribe them unless they opt back in – this will clear out some dead wood and also help you stay GDPR compliant.

When you migrate, you’ll need to make sure your ‘from’ email address remains the same and you verify it, and that you verify your sending domain. This will ensure an SPF record is added to your DNS, and that a DKIM signature will be added – this also lends weight to the authenticity of your sender reputation. Your IP address will change and there’s nothing you can do about that – and that’s why your sending reputation will take a hit. It’s going to take a few weeks for your sending reputation to fully recover. Taking the other steps will minimise the impact of the change.

If that’s all sounding like a bit of a headache, Email-Postman can help. With over 16-years of experience specialising in email marketing, we have been involved with campaigns using all of the popular email marketing platforms – and some of the less popular ones too! We’re a Mailchimp Pro Partner and a Klaviyo Master Silver Partner, and we help our clients with their email marketing campaigns across all the platforms including (but not limited to) Active Campaign, sendinblue, MailerLite, GetResponse, Moosend, smaily, Constant Contact, ometria, Drip, Benchmark email, iContact, AWeber, and many more!

So, if you need help with your email marketing platform migration, give us a call and let us take the strain. We’ll get it done faster, get it right first time, and get your emails back to optimum return on investment.


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Shaun Reynolds has been specialising in email marketing since 2005 and in February 2019 launched Email-Postman. Since then, Email-Postman has helped over 90 clients build successful email marketing campaigns across a range of email marketing platforms. For further information or to discuss getting help with your email marketing, you can arrange a free call-back today by clicking here!