ChatGPT and how to use it for Email Marketing

ChatGPT and email marketing

Our recent blog introduced the idea of using AI in email marketing and pointing how it’s already being used to significant effect. In this article, we discuss specifically the use of ChatGPT.

For anyone who has been living under a rock, ChatGPT uses artificial intelligence to auto-generate conversation through Natural Language Processing. Put simply, it’s a chatbot that auto-generates responses to questions mimicking the way humans speak. It was initially designed as a customer service tool. These days, ChatGPT is assisting with writing blogs and articles, translating and writing code – and so much more!

ChatGPT also has a big part to play in email marketing too.

  • Generate catchy subject lines – increase those open rates!
  • Generate exciting product descriptions for emails – drive sales!
  • Generate persuasive, personalised content for emails – make special offers and product recommendations more tailored to the individual or groups of individuals to increase the hit rate of the campaign
  • Generate engaging Call-to-Action prompts (sign up to free trial, limited-time discounts, latest download, requesting feedback, join a group on Facebook or LinkedIn) – build your email list, increase your customer base, build the brand, and generate loyalty.
  • Creating inviting and friendly welcome emails – these are the first interactions your new customers will have with your business; you want to ensure they feel valued and set the tone for the rest of their relationship with your brand.
  • Encouraging inactive subscribers to re-engage – regaining the attention of a customer who has ‘gone off the boil’ can be tricky, so make sure you’re irresistibly offering the right enticement.

Here’s a real-world example:


ChatGPT can also be used for refining your email marketing strategy. Test it out by prompting it to give you tips on the following:

  • How to build your email list
  • How to use segmentation to improve campaign performance
  • How to use lead magnets to attract new subscribers
  • How to prevent your emails from being marked as spam
  • Using social media to drive sign-ups
  • The best use of video and graphics within email templates
  • Split testing (A/B testing) to determine best send times/days, CTAs, most compelling subject lines, etc.

ChatGPT isn’t perfect, but it can significantly improve your marketing efforts if used well. And because it is an artificial intelligence-driven tool, it will learn from your feedback. It also remembers previous conversations, saving you time by eliminating the requirement to repeat yourself and re-explain parameters.

So, rather than white-knuckling your email marketing, use the tools available to help you increase the effectiveness of your campaigns!

Shaun’s top tip: “As always, garbage in, garbage out, so ensure when creating prompts, you use clear and concise language. Also, consider fine-tuning based on a dataset specific to your industry or audience segment.”


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