Why Are Businesses Choosing Klaviyo?

Klaviyo Master - why people are choosing Klaviyo

There are many email marketing platforms available, and which is best for your business depends on many factors, including how many seats you need, how many contacts you have, and how many emails you want to send per month. One platform we’re being asked about increasingly is Klaviyo.

Klaviyo (pronounced clay-vee-oh) is a marketing automation platform primarily used for email and SMS marketing. It’s particularly popular for integrating with E-commerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce and offers integrations with over 300 tools and platforms, making it highly customisable, versatile, and, therefore, attractive to many businesses!

Klaviyo features a range of functionalities, including built-in web forms to allow you to capture more data, segmentation for better-targeted campaigns, personalisation for better connections with your customers, and workflows so you can save time and make your campaigns more effective. Other features include:

  • CRM so you can store and analyse customer data
  • Mobile push – allows you to reach, engage, and retain mobile app users
  • Collect and display product reviews to give consumers confidence

Also on offer are predictive analytics and AI-driven insights, which help you forecast customer behaviour, showing you metrics such as time between orders, personalised product recommendations, spend potential, and lifetime value. Klaviyo will also show you which channels bring in the most customers so you know where to spend your advertising time and budget most effectively. It can also analyse the statistics to tell you the optimum time and day to send emails to maximise engagement.

Klaviyo is the only platform with built-in performance benchmarking so you can compare your business’s performance with similar businesses. These benchmarks are created using anonymous data from a hundred companies like yours and look at monthly revenue, campaign frequency, growth, and average item value. You get to see actual data from real rivals, so you can see your place in that mix and determine what you need to do to grow bigger and faster.

Having the SMS function adds a valuable string to the marketeer’s bow and is highly effective because consumers feel it to be a more personal way of connecting with their favourite brands. You don’t have to worry about creating the message because Klaviyo’s SMS assistant will automatically write them for you. Because the SMS function is embedded into Klaviyo, you can offer customers a seamless omnichannel experience, and as the reporting and analytics work with the email marketing side, you can see the whole picture.

For retail customers, it’s easy to see why Klaviyo is proving such a popular platform. Email-Postman is a Klaviyo Master Silver Partner with a Klaviyo Developer certificate, SMS Strategy certification, and Deliverability certification.

Email-Postman - email marketing that delivers


Email-Postman – email marketing that delivers!


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