Is Your Email a Money-Making Machine?

Is your email marketing strategy earning you money?

Hans Smellinckx, a leading international businessman, sales thought-leader, management consultant and entrepreneur, once said “If you are not seeing the email channel as a money-making machine, you have the wrong strategy”. And he was right. Email marketing delivers a higher return on investment that any other single marketing channel. So, if your email campaigns aren’t earning you money, there’s something wrong with the way you’re doing it.

Email marketing strategyEmail marketing is a niche area in digital marketing. The email marketing tools available are increasingly complex, enabling us to target our audience more precisely with messaging they really want to hear. That’s important because if we bombard people with messages they’re not interested in, they’ll unsubscribe. That means they’re not around when you send them an email with content that might actually be relevant to them. That’s a missed opportunity. Of course, to make that work, you have to have designed and implemented a tagging and segmentation strategy.

Platforms these days also have increased capacity for integrations that allow us to combine detailed knowledge of consumer likes, dislikes, wants, and habits, gleaned from, for example, our Facebook audience and import it into our email campaigns. Reporting and analytics features are incredibly advanced, giving us the ability to zero in on what’s really working within our campaigns and the things that aren’t working. For example, we can see whether customers click more on video or stills. A/B testing means we can see if customers click more on green ‘buy now’ buttons or red ones before we send out the main campaign, so we can use the colour that works best, attracts the most engagement.

There is so much we can do with these email marketing platforms now, we need to be making the most of each feature and tool on offer – otherwise, we’re leaving money on the table.

The question is: do you have an email marketing strategy, or are you sending out emails willy-nilly, with no logical procession? Are you taking your audience on a journey, or are you blasting them with non-sequential, unrelated messages? Do you have a welcome series for new subscribers to welcome them, introduce them further to your brand, and start cementing their loyalty to you.

What about a sign-up strategy? Do you have one or do you just hope someone stumbles across your website and opts in? Do you include a ‘forward to a friend’ button on your email campaigns?

Don’t leave these things to chance. The complex nature of the tools also delivers an incredibly sharp instrument for serving customers content they want to consume, keeping them engaged with your brand, retaining their loyalty and their custom.

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