Email Marketing Services – It’s Not Only About Sending Emails!


Here’s a not-particularly news newsflash for you: email marketing is more than simply emailing everyone on your contact list through Outlook. Of course, you could do it that way, but then how do you track who opened the email and which calls-to-action received the most attention? If you don’t know who has opened the email and what they’ve clicked on, how do you know what interests them and what you should follow up with? How do you begin to work out if that email campaign has worked?

You get the idea. You need a platform that will give you lots of information to better promote the right products and services to the right people. You need to make sure it’s set up correctly to make sure you’re maximising open rates and clicks, that mismatched DNS records are not compromising your deliverability, and that your audience is receiving relevant content that will entice them to buy.

We get it – it’s a lot. That’s why Email-Postman was launched: to provide email marketing services that help small to medium-sized businesses make the most of their campaigns. Some clients need help with only some parts of the email marketing process; others prefer to have the whole thing managed for them. We offer a range of email marketing services to provide the flexibility clients need.

Email Audit – Already have your email marketing platform up and running and sending out campaigns? Would you like to ensure everything is set up for maximum deliverability, the sending strategy is right, and the template works for you? We cover all of these and more as part of our email audit.

Email Strategy – strategy is where the road to a successful email marketing campaign begins, and we can help you define a strategy that will help you accomplish your goals. We look at audience, goals, and frequency and design a journey that leads customers to discover more about your products or services. It’s crucial your audience buys into this journey – because you’re not after one-hit wonders; you need long-term loyalty.

Email Automation/Workflows – an absolute must to save time and avoid recreating your email wheel! Automations, or workflows, keep a campaign rolling with each new email triggered by your customer’s interactions with your previous email. Did they click on the link to see a product? The automation will send them more information on the product. Did they watch a video about a service? The automation will send them information about that specific service. All these triggers mean your customer is interested, so automation allows you to send them information on demand without you having to look at the data each time.

Data Segmentation – you probably have a diverse audience base, and you need to make sure you’re serving them up relevant information. So, you need to sort your list into categories, tagging people by geographic location, demographic, psychographics (interests, lifestyle, habits), and behaviours – how they interact with your emails. There’s an art to this, though; you don’t want to break your audience into segments that are too small, as this can create complications and confusion for you! We can help you get it right (or do it for you!)

Grow Your Audience – you have to keep growing to survive. Stand still and die! There will be a natural drop off of subscribers due to numerous possible factors: lifestyle changes, moving away, or a change of heart, so you want to ensure you’re continuously adding new people to your audience. However, it’s better to have a small list engaging with your content than an extensive list of people who aren’t interacting. So, you need a strong customer acquisition strategy to ensure you keep growing!

Campaign Reporting – If you don’t analyse your campaign’s performance, how do you know what’s working? Every campaign needs some standard metrics: open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates, for example. So, make sure you’re getting a good look at what is successful within each campaign so you know what you need to do more of.

Email Marketing – Surprise! One of the email marketing services we offer is…. Email marketing! Many businesses don’t know where to start with email marketing; they may not have a marketing department, or it could be a new channel for you. Or perhaps you recognise that you need specialist help. If you need us to take on the full role for you, then we’d be delighted to help!

Email-Postman - email marketing that deliversEmail-Postman – email marketing that delivers!

Shaun Reynolds has been specialising in email marketing since 2005 and, in February 2019, launched Email-Postman. Since then, we’ve helped over 100 clients build successful campaigns across various email marketing platforms. For further information or to discuss getting help with your email marketing, you can arrange a free call-back today by clicking here!