‘Added to Cart’ vs ‘Started Checkout’ – Two Workflows from Klaviyo

Klaviyo workflows for added to cart vs started checkout

Klaviyo is a widely used email marketing platform and one of the reasons for its popularity is its flexibility, and the functionality it offers for customisation of workflows. This means, users can differentiate between different points of the customer’s journey and send appropriate email prompts.

A key example here is the difference between when a customer has ‘added to cart’ and when they have ‘started checkout’ – but then not finished either.

So, what’s the difference between these two stages?
Imagine, a customer has gone through your e-commerce site and added an item to their basket, then for one reason or another – they get a phone call, the doorbell rings, they chicken out and want to think before they spend any money – and they crash out of the site. That’s the ‘added to cart’ stage.

Now imagine they’ve added their choices to their basket, filled out their email address and gone through to checkout, but don’t finish – again, phone rings, boss comes back into the office – and crash out again. That’s ‘started checkout’.

Added to cart would be triggered with one item in there. ‘Started checkout’ needs multiple items in the cart to trigger the ‘started checkout’ email. So now, what difference does it make to the email you send? Loads! If someone has ‘added to cart’ and not ‘started checkout’, they’re potentially window shopping but not completely committed to the buy. They may need an incentive to get them to complete, such as a free gift or a discount. Whereas, for those who’ve ‘started checkout’, they’ve got much closer to the actual sale. It could be they meant to finish up and forgot to come back to it.

Did you know?
Almost 70% of shopping carts are abandoned? That’s a huge number of sales! That’s a different email.

Therefore, the ‘added to cart’ and ‘started checkout’ require two different workflows so you can really target your customer, so they feel as though you are paying full attention to their needs.

How do you tell the difference in which stage they’ve got to and how do you add each workflow to Klaviyo? Here’s how:

If you’re using Shopify:

Added To Cart

  1. Choose where to place the code snippet
  2. Add the snippet to your store
  3. Test the code snippet

Find out more here.

Started Checkout requires options.
You can find out full details here.

One thing to note: the Started Checkout workflow needs a filter that excludes anyone who has been sent an ‘added to cart’ email.
Simply add:

    What has someone done>

    Started Checkout>

    zero times since joining this flow

And that way, you can be sure your customer won’t get both flows at the same time!

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