How To Maximise Your Email Return On Investment (ROI)

Email marketing doesn’t simply mean writing an email, sending it and watching the sales roll in. To be effective, it is more involved than that. To truly maximise your return on investment (ROI), you need to make sure all the cogs of the campaign are working together. 

  • Automation – set the flow up so the actions of the customer trigger the next email
  • Segmentation – categorise your customers by relevant criteria, e.g. interests, region, age, gender to make sure your message is targeted appropriately
  • A/B (split) testing – try out different versions of the same message then measure how each version does so you know which works better and for which audience
  • Deliverability – make sure your data is good and your emails are getting delivered 
  • Optimise for mobile – or you’ll miss a huge section of your audience
  • Measure your results and refine your actions accordingly!